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When you apply for a mortgage loan with Panhandle Credit Union, we pull your credit report through the three major credit bureaus, which are Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. When PCU pulls your credit, we must enter certain codes that tell the bureaus that you are applying for a mortgage loan.

The credit bureaus have the right to sell your information to other lenders in what are known as “trigger leads”. This could cause you to be inundated with texts, phone calls, and mail from other lenders trying to get you to apply for a mortgage loan through them. If you would like to prohibit, or at the very least, limit the communication that you might receive from these lenders, we would encourage you to go to the following website and opt out: Scroll to bottom and click the blue ‘click here’.  We recommend that you do this several days prior to filling out your application so that you might eliminate this unwanted communication.

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